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Andystrapz straps Australia Distributors

The impetus for Andy’s design efforts is the Mother of invention – Necessity. Not finding what he wanted out there in retail land, he stubbornly set out to make his own. Whether it was luggage straps, motorcycle specific thermals, carry bags or robust, simple, pannier bags, what was on offer often seemed to be designed by someone who had only ever seen bikes in a book. The desire to reduce the fiddle of every day motorcycling was a guiding principle; stuffing luggage inside a bag, inside another bag then inside another – ArrK! Even more frustrating was gear that didn’t perform and fell to bits in a couple of hundred kilometers.

Andy wanted to strap his gear on in the morning and know for sure it was still going to be there at the end of the day, it’s not rocket science!

Andy Strapz branded products are still manufactured to the highest standards by a small staff of dedicated people who really care about what they do. It’s all made in the Melbourne factory.