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In business since 1998, Cox Racing Group supplies many street riders, factories, privateer, club and track day racers and riders with protection – to make it home, or to make it to the finish line.

The guards are built using aluminum folded with directional-expanded aluminum screen for a desired balance of protection, durability and light-weight ride. The guards are also available by special order with much stronger titanium expanded-metal screens, known as our ‘pro guard.’ These guards are in use by top level race teams at both national and international championship levels.

Installation is very simple on most models. Foam pads are mounted to the back of the frame for protection and separation between the guard and the radiator core. Approximately 5mm of a “crush zone” is generated by these pads to absorb impacts. The guards are mounted in such a way that they can ‘float’ on the pads and not pick up vibrations from the bike or ground. Proper mounting varies from bike to bike, and from brand to brand, as specified in the provided customized instruction kits.

Post-installation, the guards are easy to clean and/or detach for a thorough removal of bugs and other debris. The guards look great in any color and complement the sometimes less-than-attractive radiator and oil cooler cowl area.