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Making good bikes perfect!

LSL – behind this abbreviation stands a team of hardcore professionals that dedicates all of its energy and passion to the design and perfection of quality products.

Jochen Schmitz Linkweiler, founder and head of the company, is in charge of product ideas and the design of special motorcycles. The company’s core product are technical accessories for motorcycles. LSL accessories are designed and drawn in their Krefeld workshop. Highly specialised manufacturing plants in Germany then produce the individual components. Back on site in Krefeld, they are tested for perfect size, precisely assembled and shipped all over the world as LSL products. LSL commissioned select manufacturing plants in Germany with the production of parts and components. There, ultramodern, cost-efficient machines work to secure international competitiveness. LSL’s research and development unit supports professional racing teams in order to ensure that the lessons learned in the extreme environment of the racetrack will be applied to the further development of LSL products.

LSL has a quality management system that puts particular emphasis on the opinion of their customers. The customer and his satisfaction is the ultimate benchmark for the design and function of the LSL accessories, and his feedback is often based on  experience“ that can provide valuable information for further product development. Proof that the customer appreciates their importance to LSL are the awards that LSL has been given by the readers of two of Germany’s leading motorcycle magazines, Motorrad and  PS.