Food for Motorcyclists – The Basics
Imma break it down for you, quick and dirty. Hydrate! : What works: ORS or in a pinch, ICMR – Indian Council of Medical Research recommends […]
My Experience with Giant Loop Mototrekk Panniers
One of our customers had something to say about the Giant Loop Mototrekk Panniers On a recent trip one of our customers Shubhankar Basu (follow him […]
Cool Runnings for Riders & Your Rides
Air, Oil or Liquid – whatever the tech in use, the cooler the temperature, the better we run. What’s more, this adage stands true for rides […]
A Case for Brand-to-Customer Spares Sales by 2-Wheeler Manufacturers
My recent spares sales experience at the company authorized service centre was a rough one. It got me thinking on how things can be improved, while […]
Can you ever stop riding?
It’s mid October and I am finally getting back on the saddle. It’s been a funny few months prior to this where I had doctors looking […]
The Right Way To Beat The Blues?
The BMW GS always has been the epitome of adventure riding to me. Never had seen one up close, let alone touch or ride one, but […]
Authorised Service Centres & Broken Brand Experiences
Picture this: You walk into a company authorised service centre (ASC). The Manager-in-charge, steps out to greet you warmly. You explain that your motorcycle was stranded […]
Tire tales with the Royal Enfield Himalayan
Going side-ways on two wheels can be a ton of fun. Not so when it is because the tires have worn past their best-use mark! Missing […]
A biker’s musings…
When my spills from a cycle became more frequent than frequent, I decided to move on to motorbikes – a safer option (??). Went through a […]
Hauling Laptops when Two-Wheel Dancing in the Rough
The Moto-Gods have been kind in the past few years as work and road-trips intertwined. This means that I end up carrying a laptop along even […]
Moto-shopping happiness without the wallet-shock
Motorcyclists! If we’re not busy riding or scrapping with the pals over whose rides’ the best among the lot – we’re out shopping the block. Stalking […]
I am a late bloomer. I start slow and introspective then Wile E. coyote the rest of it. With no glorious stories of motorcycling or passionate […]
Taking a hammer to a fist fight
A stuck oil filter and what to do besides cursing A lot of enthusiasts grew up tinkering with bikes. They not only have a deep mechanical […]
Booster Plug 101
Gimmick or a truly affordable hack? More importantly, what does it really do? The vast majority of us don’t hold automobile engineering degrees. We know a […]
Keeping the Tiger fit Part 2/3
Part 2/3Lockdown has been an interesting time for lot of people to try do something with their motorcycles and considering I have done most of the […]
Light’em Up! (1/2)
Part – 1Headlights – probably one of the least cared about equipment on most Indian motorcycles. Have you noticed the headlights throw, spread and potency on […]
Priancas Bonneville Ownership
Owning and riding motorcycles is a kind of crazy, outsiders will never grasp. I ventured into riding and falling flat for my 1st motorcycle simultaneously; to be […]
Grab ‘em by the….
… bars. I’m talking about handle bars, and what goes into getting the perfect one. At 169 cm, I’m not very tall. At 65kgs and still […]
Keeping the Tiger fit
Part 1/3 A little history – So I am going to be true to myself and say this, I wasn’t a fan of big and obnoxious […]
How to install the stone guard on your Bonneville, Thruxton / 7″ headlight
FITTING THE 7″ HEADLIGHT STONE GUARD/GRILL ON TRIUMPH BIKES There seems to be a lot of confusion on how to get the supplied clips with the […]
Arrow 2/2 for Triumph Bonneville & Thruxton
The Arrow 2:2 exhausts by Arrow Italy is a magnificent piece of stainless steel art. It offers up to 44% weight savings in comparison to the OEM […]
Bonneville footpeg problems with A3 and T100
Please read and agree to the terms and conditions before reading this article. The possible Bonneville Footpeg issue Just so we are clear the footpeg system […]
Number Plate Bonneville | License Plate for bonneville
Well in India its compulsory to have a number plate on the front and rear of the bike. The company does provide a bracket to accommodate […]
Steps to Install rear brake calliper on Triumph Bonneville
Please read the Disclaimer and terms before proceeding. These operations need to be performed by certified technicians. The image above shows a Tiger caliper of the […]