Many a times we all think that we wanna go far…like may be a RTW (Round the World) trip or may be something smaller, like a cross country ride a few 1000-3000 kms. Planning a long distance trip especially on a two wheeler is tough but not impossible. I personally have seen people getting exhausted and complain about how long the ride was and how things got tiring as they lost their energies soon and finally how they wouldn’t ever go on a long ride again!!! But in reality if you see….its not about riding hard….its about riding smart.

Here are a few tips for those planning a trip;

All of us have different styles and methods of touring, everyone’s perspective for riding is different and even the mindset matters…

Select a Date…..start saving and then start riding….GET A MAP too….but on a serious note, some tips below which could be helpful

Adjusting your suspensions while travelling is of utmost importance….it matters when you’re having a pillion and also while you’re carrying luggage

2. A Rider Must have a CROWN

Getting a full face helmet is a must, its for safety and yes…a good print on the helmet always adds to its style. A full face lid protects your lid…

A good helmet will keep you warm, dry and the best part, it keeps all the excess sound away.

A lot of riders aren’t aware that noise drains your energy.


Keep a bottle or two filled with water at all times, no matter where you go, basic water should be available to you at anytime you want. Hydration packs are available in the market, some call it hydration pouches… even riding jackets come customised with a big zipped pocket in the back specially designed to accommodate the hydration pouch.

These pouches come with pipes which have a mouth piece from which you can drink water at will and don’t have to stop in the middle of your ride/tour unless you want.

4. PLAN your Route

Planning your route is like planning your marriage…..kidding :P…but seriously plan your route, stops that would be taken, fuel stations etc. A ride can never be like a thing you want get it over with…..its like running a marathon….not a sprint.

In my experience whenever I have gone riding in many groups, there a few groups i know who just want to race and get to the place early. Sadly these guys don’t know what they’re missing….as it is rightly said, “Riding is not about reaching your destination, its about enjoying the journey reaching your destination”…..


As obvious it might seem, you need to plan your fuel stops at a good frequency as it may take just one small diversion and you might be in a place wherein a fuel station may be a far-sighted idea….which may create a big problem….especially when your realise that you’re low on fuel in the middle of nowhere.

Fuel stops make for a good time to stretch your legs, have some refreshments -> in short its a good comfort break which can be taken as many times as you can.


Would you like if your bike had break down? NO….? right? then you have to make sure you get your bike checked up before you leave for a long motorcycle ride. When you have full confidence on your bike only then can you enjoy your ride. If you think your bike is due for a service….then put your bike up for a good pampering service and be there to see it through don’t leave your bike alone with strange men….Lol!!! 😛

On your own you can do some visual check ups….like checking your tyres, if worn out…its better to replace them with new ones….if under inflated then top them up with some air, & FYI…..A good inflated tyre helps give your bike better fuel efficiency. Check on your brake and clutch cables and all your lights.

Its always better to top up your bike’s fluids, such as break oil…coolants….oil etc. Do all this at least a week or two before you leave and not at the eleventh hour to avoid last minute mishaps.

Above all remember….a motorcycle trip can be a very relaxing and wonderful experience that life has to offer….it can at times be frustrating and stressful challenge, its all about how a person’s perspective.

So…what are you waiting for? GO!! Give yourself that life’s one time experience, a chance to enjoy the best possible things with a hint of planning your trip in advance…Cheers!!

About :-

A true Bawa by heart, Kaiwan has had passion for riding bikes ever since he saw his grandfathers vintage Royal enfield bullet. Since then, he has had a chance to ride many bikes, from cruisers to cafe racers and currently he owns a adv bike which he is trying to get familiar with. A Post Graduate from IIT (Dhanbad), then as a budding Geologist, worked a few years in the mines of Indonesia and then returned home, got himself another Masters degree in Business Management and currently, works at a senior level in an MNC to take care of his family and his bike. When not riding Kaiwan spends his time exploring his “Writer’s” side by dropping a few words here and there creating blogs. 

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