Sponsorship, Samples and Media Request

Thanks for your interest in partnering with Motousher.

At Motousher we have always believed that sponsorship/partnership opportunities are there for you to grow and that we are able to offer a level of support that keeps the aspiration of riding and racing alive and well. Our team assesses every application on the following – loyalty, relationship, influence on others to buy our products and being mutually beneficial to both parties. Our decisions are customised to every one who has been approved for a sponsorship. Please also keep in mind that, for budgetary reasons, we have the right to only agree to sponsorship programs during certain parts of the year. For this year the board has taken a collective decision to hold off on sponsorship/partnership programs until further notice.

However please feel free to fill the form so that we can have your details on our records. There is no need to follow up with us once you have filled up the forms. We will get back to you if we need to contact you for anything 🙂